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The Perfect Online Business Model

The Perfect Online Business ModelI have just spent the past few days reading Matt Llloyd’s I.M Revolution. I must say that I am mightily impressed with his story and even more impressed with his Business Model.

I always resonate with humble people. Matt Llloyd is clearly earning some serious money these days but he certainly does not come across as arrogant or aloof. In fact he appears extremely grounded and genuinely seems to be out there to help others make their own mark online. In fact I put Matt to the test and actually sent him a Facebook question and low and behold he connected and we ended up talking about boxing! Obviously he is engaging with me as he wants me to become part of his business and its part of his business model but there are so many people out there that just don’t take the time to build a relationship. Hats off to you Matt … [click to continue…]

Gangnam Style – Top Tips To Create Great Viral Videos

Gangnam Style

A Viral Video is a video that is put on a video sharing site, like YouTube and Facebook, that then begins to spread based on the content. This means that the viewers do all the work. They watch the video, enjoy it, and then begin to share it with their friends.

Have you heard or seen the Viral Video Gangnam Style yet? If you have not then I suggest you check out this Work With Gordon Gangnam Style Compilation video …

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Facebook For Small Business – Some Great Marketing Tips

Facebook For Small Business – Some Great Marketing Tips

It has always surprised me how many small businesses are not using Facebook to promote their products and services. Facebook for Small Business should be, in my opinion, a crucial component of any small businesses marketing strategy.

Facebook announced that one billion people are using its platform at least once a month. Since its launch, 1.13 trillion likes and 140.3 billion friend connections were generated, with 219 billion photos shared since the launch of this application in the fall of 2005, which represent the total number of photos currently on the site, excluding deleted photos. If you don’t think that Facebook can benefit Small Business then I would like you to call me so I can put you straight! [click to continue…]

Your Financial Freedom

Financial FreedomEvery day I hear it and see it! Achieveyour financial freedom, do this and you will have Your Financial Freedom. Buy that and achieve your financial freedom. Its sounds great but what is Financial Freedom? In the case of many individuals whose financial circumstances fit this description, their assets generate income that is greater than their expenses. [click to continue…]

Want More Twitter Followers

Want More Twitter FollowersWant More Twitter Followers

Are you using Twitter? Well you should be …. And if you are, do you WANT MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS?

As of March 2012, twitter had a total of 500 million users worldwide. Out of that 500 million, 100 million were active users, members who log in at least once a month. Okay so it’s some way off Facebook but is is an unbelievable market to penetrate if you are a marketer. [click to continue…]