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Learn From Your Mistakes

Learn From Your MistakesThe little guy in the picture is my three year old, Eddie. Yes, he is in big trouble and he knows it. He got an honest heart to heart from his Dad and I reckon he now knows climbing the fridge shelves to get something on top is not such a good idea.

“Eddiegate” got me thinking … Is this not exactly the type of thing that happens to people of all ages on a daily basis? Ok, not to the extent that they spill milk all over the kitchen floor. We come up with what we think are good ideas all the time only to have them backfiring spectacularly. [click to continue…]

Motivation Process

Motivation ProcessThe motivation process is the steps you take to get motivated. It is a process, that when followed produces incredible results. It is incredible what you can achieve when you are properly motivated, and getting properly motivated is a matter of following a motivation process. Like any other process it takes a little work and foresight and planning on your part. However, the return on your investment of time is significant, and it is important when needing extra motivation that you apply a motivation process. [click to continue…]

Grow Your Business With Social Media Marketing

Social Media MarketingIf you have been looking for a way to connect with your customers and clients on a simpler and personal level, then social media marketing is probably what you need. It is the wave of the future when it comes to advertising. In this blog I will attempt to provide some insight how you can use Social Media Marketing to grow your business. [click to continue…]

Have You Thought About Plan B In Your Struggle To Make Ends Meet

Struggle To Make Ends MeetIf you have been following the recent news in the UK you would have come across Lindsay Sandiford. She is the British grandmother who has been sentenced to death for smuggling drugs into Bali by an Indonesian firing squad. Now I’m not here to discuss the merits of drug trafficking but more to highlight how so many people struggle to make ends meet financially and the lengths people will go to get out of poverty.

It saddens me when I hear stories like Lindsay Sandiford and her struggle to make ends meet. I have never met her and I am sure that she is not a down and out criminal and what she did was probably motivated by making money or more to the point her lack of money. The world is a scary place at the moment, job insecurity, unemployment, job cuts on every corner, fiscal cliffs, triple dip recessions and with more and more people struggle to make ends meet fighting it out for what little money is on offer it’s probably not going to get much easier any time soon. [click to continue…]

The Basics Of Using Video To Market Your Business

Video MarketingVideo marketing is a very personal way to get up-close and personal with customers, on an otherwise distant and cold Internet. This article will provide some basic tips on using video marketing as a highly effective business tool. It could very well provide your company with a fast and friendly solution to your marketing needs. [click to continue…]