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Create A Better Online Business Strategy

Better Online BusinessCreate A Better Online Business Strategy

Have you ever heard of Seth Godin? He is an American entrepreneur, author and public speaker. I came across Seth Godin when I typed in the keyword phrase ‘How to Make Money Online’ into Google and his blog popped up at the top of the rankings. The reason I am mentioning this blog is because it is well worth a read and anyone who is wants to create a better online business and is looking to develop a better online business strategy should start by reading this article.

Ironically, the very first point Seth Godin makes in this blog is to stop searching for terms like ‘How to Make Money Online’:

“The first step is to stop Googling things like, “how to make money online.” Not because you shouldn’t want to make money online, but because the stuff you’re going to find by doing that is going to help you lose money online. Sort of like asking a casino owner how to make money in Vegas…”

Create A Better Online Business

It’s on this basis that I write this Better Online Business Strategy blog. I don’t want to talk about things like advertising and target markets; I want to go back to the core reasons of why you are setting up an online business.

I set up my online business several months ago and I must admit I did not really know which direction I was going in. Over the past few months I have learned and developed sufficient skills to realise that I wanted a better online business than what I was creating. Sure I was doing many things right but I was also promoting some more ‘riskier’ products and ideas that did not really sit well with what I wanted Work With Gordon to be known for. Don’t get me wrong, I never discredit anything if it’s making people money and is legit. It’s just that I wanted to create a better online business that helped people make a sustainable long term income and not just a short term windfall and then sent them back to the ‘treadmill’.

Better Online BusinessEveryone knows the internet is a massive opportunity; however it really is full of opportunists. ‘Get My Secret Formula for Success!” heard it before? To create a better online business for myself I realised that I needed to move away from the ‘Get Rich Quick’ attitude and start to build something that had vision, longevity and above all made me feel like I was doing the right thing. For better online success I realised that I needed to become a trusted online partner to those who followed me and bought what I was offering. I realised that I needed to walk the walk to be able to talk the talk!

My Criteria FoR A Better Online Business

To create a better online business there are other criteria to consider outside of the products you promote:

Relationships: To me relationships are the backbone to creating any business and I realised that if I was to create a better online business I need to make sure I had the right attitude towards people. I do genuinely help people, it’s not always the best use of my time in terms of making money but I find it reaffirms what I am trying to become – and that is a great mentor. To create a better online business you need to be approachable and understand that someone is not just buying a product from you they are also investing in you.

Consistency: To have a better online business you need to be consistent. I am not just talking about putting in regular hours and keeping up with your daily schedule. Your clients need to know what to expect from you! If I say one thing but actually practice another then I am not only cheating my clients but also myself. Practice what you preach and then you can talk the talk. My brand is all about helping others create long term wealth online – if I dupe people into joining a Ponzi scheme type product and I know deep down that it’s the wrong options for them I am cheating everyone. And what’s more when the carpet is pulled will I enjoy continued support from that person? No!

Create A Brand: A big mistake people make is that they either brand themselves just for the sake of doing it or that they fail to invest time in learning about what’s in their best interests. To create a better online business it in my interest to be known as someone who is honest and open and does not have a ‘fake it till you make it’ approach. I can tell you now that I am still relatively new to the online business industry and I have much to learn, when I don’t know something I generally know who to ask. My brand is ME, the brand is Work With Gordon, and that what I want people to do – WORK WITHA Better Online Business Strategy ME!

So the point I am making is that to create a better online business for yourself you need to consider why you are in business. Is it a short quick get rich for six months and then back on the treadmill? Or do you want to create a real business that has longevity, creates a strong brand for yourself and builds long term relationships.

Better Online Business Strategy

Creating a better online business won’t be easy and I have a lot of hard work ahead of me but I understand what it is I want and have the products to take me there. If you would like to discuss anything to do with starting a new ‘better’ online business or perhaps discuss changing course to create a better online business then please drop me a line.

Together we can achieve more,

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Create A Better Online Business Strategy

Gordon Robinson

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  • We can see all the hard work you put in. Consistent hard work at anything WILL pay off in the long run. Keep at it.

  • Thanks Bruce – yes its been a busy time but as you say the rewards will pay off. And as you sat its about being consistant and keeping to your task at hand.

    Thanks for sharing – at least at this stage I have family on my side ;-)


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