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Consequences Of Your Actions

Consequences Of Your ActionsSo we have Lance Armstrong confessing to being a drug cheat, a helicopter pilot mistakenly flying into a crane and a company in South Africa cutting jobs after workers went on strike last year and won wage demands. These are the “Consequences of Your Actions” effecting people involved, which at the time of making, seemed to make perfect sense to them. We often make decisions and perform actions in our lives but how often do we actually consider the consequence of those actions.

For Lance Armstrong the consequences of his actions and the lure of fame and glory have left his life and reputation in tatters. The helicopter pilot lost his life in the most unfortunate of freak accidents due to his decision to try and land in unfamiliar conditions. And those 14000 miners in South Africa all got a pay rise last year due to their strike efforts but are now staring down the barrel as they are about to lose their jobs “restructuring” (reading between the lines of course).

Understanding The Consequences Of Your Actions

The message I am trying to highlight is that we are all eventually held accountable for our actions. We make decisions and take actions daily that not only influence our lives but of those around us. How many of us actually ask the question about the “consequences of your actions”. Do we believe that everything we do is honourable and reflects well on us and our families? Is what we are doing today going to come back and haunt us in the future? Most people that ‘are up to something’ will have very little respect for the consequences of their actions and will not for one second think about what will happen if …..?

I am a big fan of the online marketing industry. I believe the internet is the future and that with two and a half billion people using the World Wide Web the opportunities are endless. However, like most good things and great opportunities there are always serial opportunists. There are people out there that will not miss a heartbeat in performing actions for immediate gain at the risk of being found out later and losing everything.

Consequences of Making Poor Choices

It puzzles me no end why people can be so short sited that they will often risk a lot of hard work for a short term financial gain. Let’s be honest, most of the time we can get away with something for a short time but eventually we are found out. An online marketer who has put hours of his time building a strong brand and reputation can lose it all by the consequences of their short term financial greed.

Consequences Of Your Actions Effects Our Brand

Another reputational issue I have is people promoting products that are clearly a short term money ‘pyramid’. The only thing that some people care about is the short term financial goal and they don’t stop to consider what happens when the person who piled money into their scheme loses everything because the ‘pyramid’ has finally gone bust. What are the chances of that person ever trusting the scam artist again?

Consequences of Choices In Online Marketing

In the world of online marketing and online sales the concept of having a brand and building a solid reputation of someone with integrity and trust is invaluable. To be a real success online and build a long term sustainable business you need to have an audience Consequence Of Your Actionsthat respects and trusts what you have to offer. You need to offer immense value to your subscribers and make them feel like they are benefiting from simply giving you the pleasure to be involved in their world. It’s a slow game and one that require constant careful thought. Thought that results in understanding the consequences of one’s actions today and what impact it will have on in all those involved down the line. Its way too easy to fall into the trap of thinking in the now, not reflecting on what will happen in the future should the consequences of your actions come home to roost.

My message is always to act with integrity and understand the impact of the actions you are taking today. If you have an ‘unbelievable product’ ask yourself the question, “Would I try and sell this to my mother?” Ask yourself if what you are trying to achieve is helping you create a brand that reflects honesty and integrity. Are you proud of what you are achieving?  These are all important consideration especially in the suspicious world we live in. Make sure that the consequences of your actions today are the results of the future you want to achieve.

Accepting Consequences for Your Actions

I created Work with Gordon to help online internet business entrepreneurs achieve long term financial success. I hope that anyone that comes across my brand will feel that they can trust and respect what I have to offer. I am very conscience about considering the consequences of my actions.

Together we can achieve more,

Consequences Of Your Actions




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  • Excellent blog Gordon. Very true in daily life.

  • Great post! With internet marketing I think a lot of people need to realize that there really aren’t any shortcuts, because the shortcuts that do exist will be found out, cut off, and the users of those shortcuts are going to face the *Consequences of Their Actions*. It’s all about building a solid foundation that makes sense.

    I really like your idea to ask yourself, would I sell this to my mother? Someone should make bracelets that say “WYDTTYM?” Would You Do This To Your Mother?

    • Thanks for sharing Lacey – Its one of two questions I always ask myself … the other being… is what I am doing today going to get me to where I want to be in five years time?

  • A another Great Blog Gordon I couldn’t agree with you more on this. Your consequences of your actions will always come back to get to get you It may not be straight away but they will find you eventually…


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