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Earn While You Learn With The Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts AcademyI’ve been long anticipating the official launch of the Digital Experts Academy. As a Six Figure Mentors member I have been privileged enough to have had access to some of the great training and tutoring that has now become standard for Digital Experts Academy membership.

What Is The Digital Experts Academy All About?

The Digital Experts Academy is a private, membership based, digital marketing education system founded by successful Internet Marketers Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. The main focus of the Academy is to give the most prestigious college level, business training to members so they may achieve financial independence as independent online entrepreneurs. The vision shared by those in the Digital Experts Academy community is that this can be achieved within three years or less.

Members of the Digital Experts Academy have a trusted ally, resource and protection that can only come from an organization with the collective brain power, expertise and attention for detail that is present within the Digital Experts Academy. Success is a science and can be predictable, accelerated and systematic with this proven approach.

The mantra is that Digital Experts Academy members are provided everything they will require for success – nothing is lacking – as long as they bring a solid work ethic, belief, and determination.

The academy currently has four membership levels:

Digital Experts Academy

Digital Experts Academy Silver Membership

Digital Experts Academy SILVER Membership consists of a cutting-edge e-learning program designed to give you a new foundation for success in the digital economy.

SILVER membership focuses on helping you make the move from employee to digital entrepreneur. Based on many years of collective wisdom and expertise, the membership’s core principles are focused on the rock-solid foundation that every successful business is built on in the digital economy.

The training is delivered via a proprietary “e-learning” platform powered by WeSkill, a world leader in professional development and online training.  Featuring a technology called “space repetition learning,” the content down into bite-sized pieces so that you can quickly and efficiently absorb. This allows you to apply the expert content immediately for maximum results.

Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership

The Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership is all about becoming a full-time, professional Digital Marketer. Included in this 12-month coaching program is a 3-day intensive boot-camp.

The ultimate objective of the Gold Membership is to learn how earn a full-time income as a digital marketer. In order to help you accomplish this goal Digital Experts Academy uses its reach and influence to bring in the top Digital Marketing experts in the world. You get access to their training and mentorship as part of your ultra-exclusive Gold Membership. This is training that is simply not available to most individuals. I have personally found these training session to be very informative and cannot thank the guys from Moneysites and SatoriPrime enough.

The 12 Month Digital Experts Academy Gold Membership includes:

  • Weekly Digital Marketing Mastermind teaching you every aspect of digital marketing (affiliate marketing, list building, traffic, conversions, monetization, etc.)
  • 3-day intensive Digital Marketing Workshop

Digital Experts Academy Platinum Membership

This is a really exciting phase of the Digital Experts Academy where you are transformed from a Digital Marketer into a Digital Expert with a custom, professional online brand identity created for you by Digital Experts Academy.

With this membership programmeDigital Experts Academy you will learn how to identify your unique gifts and abilities, and with the help of Digital Experts Academy create your own expert online brand and identity.

Once positioned in the marketplace as a Digital Expert, your authority, credibility, and influence increases dramatically. This in turn increases your earning potential. I am a big believer that expert status is not given but taken and anyone can assume an expert status in their chosen field of work (as long as there is a degree of basic knowledge in that field of course).

The DEA Platinum consists of a 3-day Digital Expert Brand Building Workshop includes:

  •     Intensive, hands-on 3-Day brand building workshop
  •     Custom-built, professional website with matching social media profiles
  •     Done-for-you authority and personality profiles pages for your blog
  •     Professional portrait reflecting & supporting your personal brand
  •     Unique positioning Strap line statement
  •     On-going personal brand building training & support


DEA Black Membership

This Digital Experts Mastermind & Retreat is hosted annually by the founders of DEA at a 5-star, exotic resort.

The Digital Black Membership puts you within 1-2 degrees of separation from the who’s who in the digital marketing world. Included is incredible all inclusive mastermind retreat hosted by the Stuart Ross and Jay Kubassek in an exclusive, exotic, 5-star destination.

Members also have the opportunity to potentially partner and joint venture with the Digital Experts Academy effectively leveraging the power of the DEA’s vast distribution and affiliate publishing network.

The Black Membership is limited to 100 members globally.

Personally I am delighted to be part of the DEA and while we are only at the launch phase I expect that this is something that will grow and expand into something very special. The digital economy is growing all the time and businesses will be looking more and more to expert marketers to take them forward. It is a genius concept to learn while you earn and I look forward to many happy years working my way through the DEA membership programmes.

Together we can achieve more,

Digital Experts Academy



PS – For a further look at the DEA check out my review site at My Digital Experts Academy Review.

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  • Great overview of DEA Gordon – and love that url – that should rank !!

  • Sounds like you had a great time . . . Can you tell us more about the event?

    • Hey Zeb – I think I will write a blog post on the event …. will keep you posted but look out for it in the next few days. It was a great event so well worth giving a detailed review …. ~ Gordon

  • I loved this overview on the DEA, I to am very excited to be part of this new venture going forward. we are going to make Huge things happen with the DEA…


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