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Learning To Drive A Car – A Metaphor For Life’s Many Challenges

Drive A CarI was barely seventeen when my brother decided it was time I learned to drive a car. I had managed to pass my learners but that was a theory test and getting in front of the wheel of a real car was a vastly different story. This was no drive a car game! I remember the day clearly, my brother got in the passenger seat, opened up his newspaper and said, “Is driving a car hard? Let me know when we are there, today you are going to learn to drive a car”!

I did actually manage to learn to drive a car that day. Not very well but I drove on real roads and somehow avoided crashing into anything. It was a baptism of fire as far as I was concerned but at the end of the day I had somehow achieved something that I did not think would happen so quickly. Learning to drive a car is a skill like many things in life that most of us will eventually learn. It takes some people years to learn and some never become very good at it, yet others learn to drive a car and become experts in hours!

Drive A Car – Learning New Skills

Learning to drive a car is similar to learning many of the skills it takes to start your own business. Starting your own business, especially an online business, requires many skills and most of the time the best way to learn these skills is through someone that already has these skills. You also need to have the right tools at your disposal to achieve your goals in the safest and most economical way possible. There would be far too much risk involved learning to drive a car in a Ferrari for example, my brother got me started in a beat up old Colt Gallant. If I had put a dent in it I’m not sure we would have noticed too much.

Drive A Car – Have A Good Mentor

One of the reasons I succeeded in learning to drive so quickly was that I trusted my brother 100%. I believed in him and the fact that he thought I could do it made me believe I actually could. He provided me with the tools for success and with a few words of encouragement I was set. I knew that if I ever got into difficulty I could talk to him and he would be there to guide me to safety. The same can be said of having a good mentor for your business. Just like when you drive a car many of us know the principles of starting a business but may lack the confidence or have the wrong tools available to us. Having a good mentor can shortcut many issues and for me personally, I believe it’s an essential part of creating a successful business and brand. If the world’s best business minds have mentors I think it’s safe to say that a new business owner should have one.

Drive A Car – Have The Right Tools

As I said earlier it’s probably not the best idea learning to drive in a Ferrari. However, you almost certainly need to learn in some sort of vehicle. Just like when you learn to drive a car you need to have the right tools when you start a new business. If you are an online marketer you would certainly need websites, internet connectivity, hosting, email accounts, Autoreposnders, domain names, products to sell and strategies to promote them. A key gold nugget I learned from a mentor was that before purchasing any tools for your business take the trail that is normally available and use it before you buy. You may find that you don’t like the tool or that there are other similar products that you prefer. Nine times out of ten however, a good mentor will advise what the best tools to buy are.

Drive A Car And Keep Good Habits

Are you a good driver? Do you have any bad habits? Developing bad habits is easy but if you learn the correct rules in the beginning the chances are that you will develop good habits throughout your life whenever you drive a car. This is exactly the same with your business. Start your business practising good habits and it will hold you in good stead with your business venture. Again, having a good mentor to start with helps and the positive encouragement and advice received in the early days should be taken.

Drive A Car Confession

I like to claim that I am a good driver and often tell my brother it had nothing to do with him. I suspect however if he ever reads this blog he will see my subtle offerings of a thank you!

Together we can achieve more,

Drive A Car



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