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Five Pillars of Email Marketing

Five Pillars of Email MarketingIt does not have the glamour of social media, the sophistication of Search Engine Optimization, but email marketing drives more traffic and sales than any other online media. Most online marketers are familiar with email marketing and understand the basics; however getting the basics right is so important to any successful email marketing campaign that I feel compelled to once again outline the Five Pillars of Email Marketing.

Five Pillars of Email Marketing

Know Your Audience

It may sound simple but get this wrong and you will be very disappointed with your outcome of your business email marketing campaign. The first pillar of email marketing is to make sure you understand your audience; you need to have a very clear idea who you are marketing to. This is often known as Your Customer Avatar. You need to understand what your audience likes and dislikes, how old they are, what jargon they use, and most importantly if they want what you are offering. Knowing your customer is the cornerstone to any successful email marketing campaign.

Write As You Talk Especially With Mass Email Marketing

This is one of the biggest mistakes many email marketers make. The idea that your audience wants to hear fancy words dripping with sophistication and Shakespearian literacy is completely wrong; unless that is Your Customer Avatar of course. You are offering something of value to your audience and the content should be sufficient not to warrant the need for sophisticated language to convince people how clever you are. The golden rule is to write your email campaigns as if you were talking to a friend of a friend.

Use Short Paragraphs

It is well documented that when people are reading online, be it emails are web material, they tend to scan through information skipping long paragraphs looking for key relevant information. People are looking to consume information but it needs to be easy to find and more importantly easy to read and this is why using short paragraphs is included in my four pillars of email marketing. Remember more people are now using Smartphones than ever before to communicate so breaking your emails into short paragraphs will also add to the mobile reader experience.

Eliminate Unnecessary Words

A key copywriting skill to any email marketing campaign is to make sure you do not add any unnecessary words that do not add value. I often read over my drafted email campaigns and remove words like ‘that’ or phrases like ‘at this point in time’. Write your emails and then proof read them removing any words that are not required. This achieves the goal of reducing repetitiveness and removing any ambiguity in what you are trying to communicate.

Deliver Great Content To Your Email List

Probably the most import of the Five Pillars of Email Marketing. People will want to read your emails if they deliver great value and offer the recipient something that they need. You need to make sure that your email marketing campaigns are full of great content that engages your readers. Through the offering of great content you will build a trusting tribe of followers who will ultimately end up buying your products. It is also worth remembering that once someone is part of your tribe the chances are that they will remain with you long term – as long as you continue to offer great content.

Five Pillars of Business Email Marketing

If you follow the basic principles of the Five Pillars of Email Marketing you will go a long way to having a successful email marketing campaign. Email marketing is just one component of a successful internet marketer and one of the biggest skills to grasp for any internet marketer. Remember to keep focusing on the basics and only move onto more sophisticated marketing techniques once you have mastered the basics.

Together we can achieve more,

Gordon Robinson


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  • Enjoyed this article Gordon! With so much swirl in the Internet marketing world, people forget that email marketing is still a quite effective tool. I especially like Know Your Audience as I also see that as typically buried under the shiny objects that are flying about in the digital world currently.


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