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Never Give Up Attitude


The main aim of my blog is to give meaningful discussion on how to start up your own business and provide great insight to into making your business a success. The long term goal is to have a one stop website where you can find all sorts of meaningful information from product reviews to motivational tips.

Today I am going to be reflecting on something that every newbie entrepreneur and many established business owners have to have, and that’s a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE. It may sound like a cliché but it is one of the core basic fundamentals of being successful. You just have to have a never give up attitude in business because there are always going to be some trying times, especially when you first start out.

Fame And Fortune With Their Never Give Up Attitude

One of the best marketing methods used online these days is the good old rags to riches story about how someone went from sleeping rough to finding fame and fortune with their never give up attitude. The reason why people use this ‘trick’ is because people can relate to the struggle and it’s very common for newbies in particular to be struggling. Personally I have my views on ‘catching newbies’ but that’s for another discussion.

My Dad started eight companies before he finally founded one that become successful. Never Give Up AttitudeLuckily (or unluckily) for me that means I don’t have a rag to riches story. However, I am someone who understands the concept of a never give up attitude and have to keep reminding myself to constantly keep moving forward. Right now I consider myself a relative newcomer to the brand I am trying to create for myself; I have to keep reminding myself that there will be times of doubt and confusion and this is when I have to keep faith in my never give up attitude. Thousands of people are successful in this world and I bet if you asked them many could relate to the struggle.

Red Rum – Never Give Up Attitude

We all love a feel good story and to illustrate my point of having a Never Give Up Attitude I will tell the story of Red Rum, the famous jump horse, which came back from 30 lengths off the pace to win the 1973 Grand National. Red Rum made up the ground on the final stretch and, two strides from the finishing post edged the tiring Crisp to win by three-quarters of a length in what is often considered one of the greatest Grand Nationals in history. It’s a simple story but shows that we just need to keep on trying even when it appears we are down and out. If Red Rum had decided to settle for a safe second he may never have become the legend that he is today. For the record he won it again in 1974 and 1977, and also came second in the two intervening years. Now that is a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE!

So if you are struggling right now and feel the urge to give up, STOP! Don’t forget that every one of us has a NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE. Every day that you progress your business is one day closer to success, you have to believe and keep positive. You just don’t realise how close you actually are…

One of the best ways to stay positive is to emerge yourself with positive people. Find yourself a great mentor that you can talk to and if you really want you can even get hold of me. I can totally relate as I also struggle from time to time but I assure you I have a huge NEVER GIVE UP ATTITUDE and I would gladly share should you wish to connect.

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  • Great post Gordon, I like the picture with the frog. I am not keen on your Red Rum story though I had money on Crisp that day(: Brought back memories of how Red Rum never gave up even though it looked a lost cause.

  • Great post Gordon… loved watching Red Rum storming home… gave his whole heart to the race.

  • Thanks Guys … Its incredible how great sporting events bring back so many great memories (sorry Frank) … great message in there too … thanks for sharing ~ Gordon

  • Very inspiring, Gordon. So many people give up just before their breakthrough!

    • We have all been close many times … sometimes you just have to shut the brain out and follow your heart !! Thanks for sharing ~ Gordon


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