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Motivation Process

Motivation ProcessThe motivation process is the steps you take to get motivated. It is a process, that when followed produces incredible results. It is incredible what you can achieve when you are properly motivated, and getting properly motivated is a matter of following a motivation process. Like any other process it takes a little work and foresight and planning on your part. However, the return on your investment of time is significant, and it is important when needing extra motivation that you apply a motivation process.

Why Is Motivation Important?

According to Wikipedia the definition of Motivation is the psychological feature that arouses an organism to action toward a desired goal and elicits, controls, and sustains certain goal directed behaviours. For instance: An individual has not eaten, he or she feels hungry, and as a response he or she eats and diminishes feelings of hunger. There are many approaches to motivation: physiological, behavioural, cognitive, and social.

Now you can go and Google search a whole lot of mumbo jumbo on inspiration and the motivation process. Personally I believe that we all have the ability to figure out our own personal motivation process, one that works for us and targets the goals we are trying to achieve. This is not to say that we don’t need outside factors to help us, quite the contrary. Someone who is overweight will want to include using a gym in their motivation process. A person who is looking to overcome some deep emotional pain might seek out a psychiatrist and a person looking to improve their values might start going to church. However, I believe that each individual has it in them to work out how they can get the most out of their life.

To become a successful entrepreneur and start your own business is not easy. Anyone who tells you different is probably an academic or a politician! It’s extremely hard work and there are many challenges along the way, not to mention staying motivated to achieve your goals. We all need a motivation process that we have developed that works and that we know we can really on.

Here are some top Self-Motivation tips to help your Motivation Process Model:

Know That You Are In Charge – We control every decision and action we make. If someone punches us we can react in a number of ways. We can punch back, turn a cheek, cry, even laugh, the choice is ours to make. It’s not easy to make the right choice but we have that ability as part of our motivation process. We can decide to go to the gym! We can decide to write an extra blog, phone those clients we did not want to call or learn a new subject. As part of the motivation process we need to understand that we create our own destiny. Hard work and application will go a long way to fine tuning the motivation process.

Watch Out For Those Negative Triggers – Stop letting exterior events trigger negative thoughts. Here is an example; you are on your way to see a potential new client. There is a crash on the way which causes you delays. This is a problem for sure, but if you get flustered you now have TWO problems: the fact that you’re late, and the fact that you’re flustered. And when you finally get to your meeting looking flustered you will create a bad impression with your new client and you will then have three problems! Watch out for those negative triggers and create your motivation process around them – if you just don’t have the energy to go to gym in the evenings make sure you go first thing in the morning. If traffic is bad between certain times avoid travelling at those times. If staying up late makes you grumpy in the morning then go to bed earlier. Little things add up to make a huge difference.

Avoid Negative People – This is such a big learning curve and can take some tough decision making as part of your MOTIVATION PROCESS. We all have friends and family that impact us negatively, if they’re not actively tearing down your enthusiasm, they’re trying to get you to think the same way about the world as they do. This can have a hugely negative impact on your performance and you should consider as part of your motivation process the amount of time you spend with these people.

Adopt a Positive Outlook and Vocabulary – Everything we say and think has an influence to how we act and we need to train ourselves better as part of our motivation process. I for one am extremely bad at downplaying my abilities. To the point I actually tell clients sometimes that I am not very good! How insane is that! The point is that I know I do this and am teaching myself to cut it out from conversations and I know after a while it will disappear from my thought process completely, that’s a big part of my motivation process.

Motivation Process in Organizational Behavior

I am by no means the finished article when it comes to having the perfect Motivation Process and I wish I could practice what I preach with more discipline. Humans are complicated but we all have the ability to change and be better. We must use whatever it takes to fulfill our potential and remember it’s all about finding what works for you.

Together we can achieve more,
Motivation Process

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