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The Digital Experts Academy

The Digital Experts Academy

The Digital Experts Academy (DEA) is a private, membership-based, digital marketing education system founded by six-figure income Internet Marketing gurus Jay Kubassek and Stuart Ross. The sole purpose of the Digital Experts Academy is to offer the most prestigious collegiate-level, business training to members so they may achieve financial independence – as independent online entrepreneurs – within three years or less.

The Digital Experts Academy Members (DEA) have a trusted ally, resource and protection that can only come from an organization with the collective brain power, expertise, digital training and results like Digital Experts Academy. Success is a science and can be predictable, accelerated and systematic with this proven approach.

Digital Experts Academy members are provided everything they will require for success – nothing is lacking – as long as they bring a strong work ethic, desire, and determination. The trade secrets, skills, and best-practice solutions are broken into four key areas, each serving a distinct function and purpose as the Four Pillars of Digital Success.

Elite Members of The Six Figure Mentors (SFM) and Pro U will be “grandfathered” into The Digital Experts Academy.

I have to say that I am really excited about this opportunity. It just happened that when I began my online journey I partnered with Stuart Ross and The Six Figure Mentors because I did not want to involve myself with a product that moved fast, made people money and then disappeared off the shelf. Too me it had to be sustainable and give me something more than just an earning opportunity. I think my positioning is a stroke of luck that Stuart Ross has now partnered with Jay Kubassek but you know what, we make our own luck!

The new Digital Experts Academy is as good as any course you can do at college or university and is geared around building a long term sustainable business online. It is designed to take even the most illiterate online person and gradually turn them into a marketing expert. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a lot of hard work and dedication, but there are clear defined stages and experts helping you along the way. Imagine finishing College or University with an established business that was up and running, and you were the CEO who knew exactly how the company worked and had the ability to grow that business daily. Very Powerful and I don’t know why there are not more business courses like this!

There are four stages to The Digital Experts Academy

The Digital Experts Academy Silver – Unleash Your Digital Entrepreneur

Cutting edge e-learning program, designed by the best to give you an entirely new way of approach to business – the first step towards success in the digital economy.

The Digital Experts Academy Gold – Write Your Check for Life

Become a full-time, professional Digital Marketer with this yearlong coaching program and 3-day intensive boot-camp. Your financial independence is a result of mastering the most valuable skill-set of the Digital Economy.

The Digital Experts Academy Platinum – Launch Your Digital Empire

Transition from professional marketer to recognized authority in your niche. Reap the rewards of having your own personal brand, identity, product line.

The Digital Experts Academy Black – Become a Digital Expert

The The Digital Experts Academy BLACK Membership offers members the ultimate inner-circle access to the who’s who in digital marketing and branding. It provides the opportunity to joint venture with the DEA to distribute their products.

Your Digital Experts Academy

The message I have for millions of people around the world is that it’s time to take control of your future. I am not just talking about those that are unemployed who just need something to get them back on their feet. No, this applies to every single one of us! If you are not happy with what you do, suspect that you may not have a job in the not too distant future, or are simply looking for a business opportunity to create financial freedom for yourself; then you should seriously get in touch with me so we can have a chat about your options. In fact this product is perfect for established successful business owners who simply want to learn how to apply all these business principles to their own business.

The reason why this really excites and sits well with me is that you get so much more than just earning potential. You are getting a real education and when you buy something that gives more value than its costs that is something really exciting, especially when you have the ability to sell it to others.

Things are changing fast within The Digital Experts Academy (DEA) and if you want to learn more about this exciting digital life training opportunity then take a look at the Six Figure Mentors Application Pack.

Together we can achieve more,

Gordon Robinson

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  • Gordon, this post gives a person a lot to think about! Thank you for the information!

  • It seems to me that is its another “unstoppable” marketing method….sounds like a great program for someone to start their online business.

    • Thanks Niveen – always good to get positive feedback ~ Gordon


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