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Want More Twitter Followers

Want More Twitter FollowersWant More Twitter Followers

Are you using Twitter? Well you should be …. And if you are, do you WANT MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS?

As of March 2012, twitter had a total of 500 million users worldwide. Out of that 500 million, 100 million were active users, members who log in at least once a month. Okay so it’s some way off Facebook but is is an unbelievable market to penetrate if you are a marketer.

Twitter is a social networking website where users post “tweets” about what they are doing. A “tweet” can only be up to 140 characters in length, messages are short and to the point. A tweet can include words, numbers and even hyperlinks. Twitter is used by all kinds of people – from private individuals who use it to keep track of their interests and follow people they know, through to celebrities who use it promote themselves and communicate with fans, and businesses of all sizes – from small local firms through to global multinational organisations.

 Want More Twitter Followers

The big question when you set up a Twitter account is how to get more followers. I am going to share with you a strategy I believe will help you grow your Twitter followers and therefore increase the audience you expose your products or services too. After all, we all want more twitter followers.

The first thing you need to do is find a big player in your niche. For example if you are a network marketer you could look up someone like Robert Kiyosaki and follow him. The concept is that if you want more twitter followers, you find them by “following” the followers of the main ‘players’ in your niche. Twitter allows you to see all the people that follow Robert Kiyosaki and all you need to do is follow those people. Now the chances are that when someone sees you following them they will probably follow you back! Obviously this is not guaranteed but in my experience a large percentage of those who you are following will reciprocate. This is a great strategy to get more twitter followers and increase your audience.

Here are a few other options to Get More Twitter Followers

1. Get more twitter followers by using your email list to tell people about your Twitter account and ask them to follow you.

2. Get more twitter followers by posting a message about your Twitter account on any other social networking sites you belong to.

3. Get more twitter followers by putting a link to your Twitter profile onto your websites and blogs.

4. Get more twitter followers by putting a link in your signature on email messages, forums etc.

It is also possible to get more followers by sending someone a private message. They call it networking for a reason and if you want to get MORE TWITTER FOLLOWERS you need to be proactive and network.

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  • Thanks Gordon. All sound advice and not difficult to implement. Valuable post :-)

    • Thanks Anne, I have been testing the theory over the last few days and it really does work. Just make sure you target people that you think will benefit from your products or services. ~ Gordon


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